Configuration of the Pulse Secure VPN

Logging in to the VPN

A Pulse Secure VPN account is not created by default. Your account can be activated by sending a request using this webform 

  • Enter as server (unless explicitly specified otherwise when receiving your VPN account – typically for external partners this is )
  • Enter your NetID and password

Installation of the VPN on Windows

Method 1 – Web installer – preferred method

The first three steps only need to be performed once. These services might have been preinstalled on your computer by DICT.

1A. Preparation

1B. Installation

  • Go to, log in with your NetID [external people go to ]
  • Put a checkmark in front of “Remember my choice for pulsesecure links” and click “open link”
  • You might receive a Security Warning, put a checkmark in front of “Save settings” and click “Yes”
  • Allow Pulse Secure to always connect to the server
  • Allow Pulse Secure to always update the software from
  • The Pulse Secure software starts installing
  • The software is being preconfigured with as default server.

Methode 2 – Using the .msi files if you have Admin rights

  • Go to
  • Download PulseSecureInstallerService.msi
  • Download PulseSecureAppLauncher.msi
  • Download PulseSecure.x64.msi for 64-bits systems or the x86.msi version for 32-bits systems (in case of doubt, download both – typically it will be the 64-bit version)
  • Execute PulseSecureInstallerService – you need Admin rights for this. This will allow future updates to happen automatically.
  • Execute PulseSecureAppLauncher as well. This is not crucial but will make future updates easier.
  • Execute the correct PulseSecure file. In case of doubt, start with the 64-bits version, windows will warn you if this is not the correct version.

Installation of the VPN on Apple

Installation of the VPN on Linux

Issues with the VPN ?

  • Many of the issues where the VPN is not working as expected, can be resolved by updating the driver of your network card to the latest available version
  • In some cases, removing and reinstalling the Pulse Secure VPN software is the easiest solution
  • Please contact the Service Desk for assistance with this issue