McAfee Endpoint Security

28-02-2018: All McAfee information is being transferred to the Service Portal. Please search for McAfee to find the appropriate article.

Pending the complete migration of all articles, the information below is kept available and still valid.

Downloading and installing the McAfee agent

Transferred to the Service Portal.

Updating McAfee Endpoint Security

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Scanning your computer

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Verifying your version of McAfee

Right-click the McAfee icon and choose About to get information about the McAfee Agent. You’ll find the version of McAfee Endpoint Security a bit lower. For more details about the modules of Endpoint Security, right-click the McAfee icon againt and choose McAfee Endpoint Security. In the McAfee Endpoint Security console, click on the dropdown symbol (to the right of Scan System and Update Now) and choose About.

Versions on 05/05/2018:
McAfee Agent:
Endpoint Security Platform:
Threat Prevention:
AMCore content version: 3332.0 or newer