McAfee Endpoint Security

Downloading and installing the McAfee agent

Always download the latest version of the installer, don’t use an older version you still have lying around!

09-02-2018: The download link is currently offline, but will soon be put online again on Service Now.

mcafeetrayTo install, double-click the McAfeeInstaller.exe file you have downloaded. You will need administrative rights, on some versions of Windows, you may have to right-click it, and choose to Run as administrator. After a while you should receive a message that McAfee setup is complete (language will depend on system-configured languages). The McAfee Tray Icon will appear.

After a few moments, the agent will start downloading and installing McAfee Endpoint Security (except for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, where the older VirusScan Enterprise will be installed).

Removal of McAfee products

Sometimes it can be useful or even necessary to remove McAfee products, for instance if an upgrade to the new version failed or to ensure there are no leftovers from older versions. As the McAfee products are protected from accidental removal, you will need a specific tool to remove them.

For download and instructions, please contact the helpdesk.

Updating McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee Endpoint Security is set to autoupdate on a regular basis, no matter if you shut down your computer every day or if you leave it running. The McAfee Agent makes regular connections to one of the VUB’s central servers to check if there are any updates. This includes the virus signature updates, but also updates to the McAfee Endpoint Security software. As a user you don’t need to update manually, but you still can. Right-click the McAfee icon and choose Update Security.

Scanning your computer

Through the McAfee Agent, your Endpoint Security software will be configured to do a regular check of your system. When your computer is shut down or restarted, it will remember its progress and resume where it was after the reboot. Endpoint Security detects when your system is ‘idle’ to ensure the scans don’t run when your system is already under heavy load. A Full Scan will be run monthly, a Quick Scan weekly. You can start a scan manually by right-clicking on the McAfee icon and selecting McAfee Endpoint Security. In the console window, click on the Scan System button at the top and press Scan Now on the type of scan you want to run. You can also right-click a folder or a folder and Scan for Threats.

Verifying your version of McAfee

Right-click the McAfee icon and choose About to get information about the McAfee Agent. You’ll find the version of McAfee Endpoint Security a bit lower. For more details about the modules of Endpoint Security, right-click the McAfee icon againt and choose McAfee Endpoint Security. In the McAfee Endpoint Security console, click on the dropdown symbol (to the right of Scan System and Update Now) and choose About.

Versions on 13/02/2018:
McAfee Agent:
Endpoint Security Platform:
Threat Prevention:
AMCore content version: 3254.0 or newer