Where to find us

Actually, you might find us anywhere, as we’re very often ‘in the field’ to perform upgrades, new installations or to help people like you.

Our offices are inside the VUB/ULB Computing Centre, which is the green building on the map below. How to get to us from the Campus Oefenplein/Plaine is also indicated in green.

First floor – Entry/exit to the Adolphe Buyllaan.

Second floor – Operations room, entry/exit to the Solbosch ULB campus.

Third floor- Technical lab, VUBnet and ResULB teams. You can always try to reach us at 02/650.37.29, or through the ICT helpdesk at 02/629.37.37.

Fourth floor – Secretariate, management, User Support and Systems teams. VUBnet secretariate can be reached at 02/650.37.11.

Our address : Adolphe Buyllaan, 91 – 1050 Brussels