VUBguest wireless guest network

The purpose of the VUBguest wireless network is to allow external visitors access to the internet through temporary guest accounts.

VUBguest is an open network, no encryption is used. Anyone with good knowledge of wireless networks can intercept traffic to and from your computer, including logins and passwords from non-secured websites.

Please use secure protocols like https instead of http. Or use a VPN tunnel if you have access to one.

Guest accounts

VUB staff can request guest accounts for visitors using this form:

For conferences and bigger events, it is possible to request multiple guest accounts.

You will need a valid reason to request a guest account.

We ask to please request guest accounts on time.

Connecting  to VUBguest

Select the “VUBguest” wireless network and connect. A webbrowser will automatically open with the login page. Should this not automatically happen, open a web browser and try to access a random website.

When the login page appears, please login using the guest account.