I have a new computer, what do I do?

To get your computer safely connected to the VUB’s network, here are some pointers:

  • Obtaining an IP address
  • Making the physical connection
  • Configuring your computer for the VUB network
  • Securing your computer

Obtaining an IP address

Every computer on the VUB network has its own unique IP address. This IP address is usable within a reasonable physical environment, typically the building you are residing in. If you use your computer on multiple (distant) locations, you might need an extra address for other locations. The IP address is bound to a specific computer, but can be transferred to a new computer if it gets replaced, at no extra cost. Activation of a new IP address carries a cost as mentioned in the article Request for activation and equipment.

Making the physical connection

Most of the campus has been updated from coaxial cabling to UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling. You can recognize this when looking at the wall socket. If the cable is screwed into the wall socket, you still have coaxial cabling. If it is plugged in like a telephone, then you are upgraded to UTP cabling. Not every single one of these connections carries active network signal. Some are reserved for telephony, others have simply not yet been activated. In case of doubt, contact us to know if a particular wall socket is ‘active‘. If not, you can request activation as explained in the article Request for activation and equipment.

You might need a UTP cable or some extra hardware (hub or switch e.g.) to get your computer connected. Details and prices can be found in the same article mentioned above.

Configuring your computer for the VUB network

The IP address you have received for your computer must be configured in your TCP-IP protocol. We can currently refer to the dutch documentation made for the student rooms – the procedure is the same. A more appropriate article will be published later.

Securing your computer

Read this article detailing the procedure of installing McAfee.